New Year – New Beginnings

Welcome to a brand new year, and maybe a brand new you.  January 1st of every year, people all over the world resolve to do something which will somehow improve the quality of their lives.  Most people it seems, in making these New Years resolutions break the promises they’ve made to themselves pretty quickly.  The inability for people to keep the promises they’ve made to themselves creates feelings of disappointment and lack in many instances, which leads to further disappointments throughout the year.

If this sounds like you, why not try something different this year, or take a different approach to making the changes you want to make in your life?  Instead of continuing the pattern of making and breaking resolutions, why not incorporate a plan to 1dd1empower yourself to make the changes you desire by the nonstop acquisition of faith?  This means faith in God, faith in your ideas and faith in yourself.

Having faith in God allows the Creative Energy and Power of God to work through you to do for you whatever you desire.  Having faith in your ideas gives rise to your faith in God, because it is the ideas you select and initiate through and by your personal freedom of choice, that directs this God Power in the way It will work through you.  Having faith in yourself is synonymous with having faith in God, because it is God individualized and living in you, through you and as you that has created you.  You are a beautiful, wonderful, unique manifestation of God, individualized in your own beautiful, wonderful, unique form.  Having faith in yourself is no less than having faith in God in you.

iamLet’s put this idea in more practical terms.  People make so many different resolutions every year that it is not feasible to try covering every possible change everyone may want to make; so, here are a couple of ideas based on the ones I’ve heard most.

I am going to lose weight, (to look better, improve my health, etc . . .).  Instead of starting a diet or exercise program that you probably won’t stick to, begin affirming to yourself ideas like; “I look good and feel good now,” “God knows what to do so that I  look and feel my best,” or I give thanks that I am my ideal weight and live in optimal health.”  Reminding yourself of these ideas consistently throughout the day will cause the Law of Cause and Effect to create the necessary changes for you to lose weight, look better and feel better.

I am going to quit smoking, (drinking or using drugs).  Instead of buying nicotine gum or the patch, or going to a hypnotist, tell yourself, “I am the authority in my life, I am in control of me, there is no habit or addiction that has power over me,” “There is One Power, that Power is God, It cannot be denied or defeated and there is nothing that has power over me,” or “Not by will power but by the Power that I am, I decide now to take control of what I do, and the Law works through me now to release me from cravings for cigarettes, (alcohol or drugs).

You can make and use affirmations that apply to any situation or circumstance you choose, trusting that once you have put a new idea in your mind strongly enough, God acting as the Law of Cause and Effect has to act on your new idea and create something newer, different or better for you, by acting in you, through you and as you.  Remember to check here every day for new affirmations and prayer treatments that you may find useful.

Happy New Year and continued Blessings of Love, Peace, Health, Abundance and Joy in 2009.



Inspired Affirmation of the Day – 01/01/09

I welcome this new year and this new day, thrilled and excited about the Infinite Potential in which I live, as I decide what the highest and the best is for me and consciously choose to experience it, allowing the Law to create it through me as I give It direction.

Inspired Quote of the Day – 01/01/09

“ . . . be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind . . .”

–The Bible

Inspired Prayer Treatment of the Day – 01/01/09

There is One Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent Spirit.  It is the One Life which I call God, is the Truth about me, and is my life now.  This One Infinite, Eternal and Immortal Mind has no beginning and no end.  It has always been, is now, and will always be.

I recognize this One as the Truth of my being as I usher in this new year.  I know that this One Power acts through me as I direct It by my thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  I see and experience the highest and the best in all areas of my life.  I am provided with perfect health, harmonious relationships, and abundant supply.  Any idea that I believed which seems opposed to the word I speak is dissipated now, because the Law turns my word to flesh, even as I speak it.  With the absolute conviction that my demonstration is complete, I release my word with a transformed mind and a grateful heart, and I say thank you God for acting in, through, as and by means of me now for the Law to make it so.  And so it is.




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