Keep The Faith Part II

Part II of II: Receiving Your Good

1cc1What’s so tricky is what your ideas and feelings are between the time you set your attention on having your desire and the time you actually possess it, and the way you handle them.  Here’s an example of what I mean: your house payment (mortgage or rent) is due on the 5th of each month.  You are accustomed to receiving money on the last day of the month which goes to make your house payment.  However, on the last day of this month, for any of a thousand reasons, you do not have or can not use the money you usually get when you expect to.  You decide what you want, (the house payment made on time), and you claim it.  In your mind, you see, sense and feel that the payment is made on time. You feel good about the treatment and/or affirmation work you did in naming, claiming and knowing your desired good.  If that’s the end of the story, good; no doubt, your house payment will be made on time.

However, if at any time you doubt that for any reason that the payment is made, more than likely it won’t be, because having doubt is equal to having faith that your good will not manifest.  How can you tell when doubt has made its way into your thinking?  If you find yourself asking, “Where is it, why don’t I have it, when will it get here, where will it come from, how will it happen,” or any other question that shows you are worried about the outcome of the situation, you are in doubt.

The key to receiving your good is to keep the faith.  Maintain your faith in God and in the word you spoke to manifest the good you desire.  How do you know when you are maintaining your faith?  First of all, you are not questioning the arrival of your desired good, in this case your house payment.  Secondly, you are unwaveringly happy and grateful about the demonstration of your desired good from the second you speak your word for it until the second it arrives.  It sounds a bit tricky, because it is.  But with practice you will find that you can develop and maintain faith in more and more ideas as time goes on.

Richard Bach wrote in his wonderful metaphysical novel “Illusions,” “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however.”  As metaphysicians, New Thought thinkers and Spiritual individuals, we understand that the work we have to do is always in our own thinking and in our own mind.  This is where we are One with Spirit; so, this is where we are One with the Power of God to create all that we desire in our experience.

So, these are the steps you take to learn to develop and maintain your faith: Decide what you want and that you can have it, speak your word with the faith that what you have named and claimed is yours, and maintain your faith in joy and gratitude until you receive your desired good.  This may be a new way of thinking and it requires some mental work on your part, but with enough practice you will find that you achieve consistent results.


Inspired Affirmation of the Day – 01/03/09

I am strong in my faith; I know my good is with me now, I see my good, I have my good.

Inspired Quote of the Day – 01/03/09

Faith is Spiritualized imagination.

–Henry Ward Beecher

Inspired Prayer Treatment of the Day – 01/03/09

The Power of God is present everywhere, acting on It’s own volition and creating through It’s own Mind.  This unstoppable Power is individualized in me.  God is personal to me because my mind is the Mind of God individualized through me.

I am this Power because I am the manifestation of God in form.  My thought is God thought and word is the Word of God which speaks through me.  My faith is centered and grounded in the understanding of this idea.  I know that the invincible Power of God acts on my word and creates in form the ideas I select, initiate and choose to believe.  There is nothing to oppose my word because there is nothing to oppose the Power behind and in my word.  I therefore speak my word with perfect clarity, knowing that it is in harmony with all, is acted upon by Law, and creates my good now.  I give thanks that the Law fulfills my word through me now as I release my word to Law knowing it is done. And so it is.



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