In Perfect Relationship to All

1eeThe problems we have with relationships stem from our belief in the idea that we are all individual and separate from each other.  While this certainly appears to be true, nothing could be further from the Truth.  The Truth is that we do each individualize God.  However, although God is individualized through and as all form, God can never be separate from Itself.  Thus, as unique as we may be in relationship to each other, we can never truly be individual and separate from one another; we are all One in God.

Once we see, sense and feel our Oneness with God, we become aware of our Oneness with all Life, in every existing form.  If I am One with God, I must necessarily be one with everything and everyone everywhere.  This means the only possible relationship I can have to anything and anyone anywhere is God to God.

Since the Nature of God is Good, my relationship to everyone in Truth must reflect the Nature of God and be Good to Good.  God is All and God is the Truth that exists in all.  Whatever is true of God is true of all that exists.

Knowing this, you must know that your relationship to your employees or employer, your parents, siblings or children, your spouse, your neighbors, your pastor, your congregants, or anyone, anywhere in your realm of thought, is God to God, Good to Good, Love to Love, Light to Light, Power to Power, Peace to Peace, Beauty to Beauty, and Joy to Joy.  See yourself as One with God, and one with everyone in this way, and any trouble you may have or may be experiencing with anyone will dissipate.

All relationships therefore are Right relationships.  The solution to any problem you may be experiencing in any relationship is the mental work of knowing that there are no problems in your relationship to anyone, because no matter how it looks, it is a Right relationship; a relationship of God to God and  Good to Good.  This is the Truth, knowing the Truth reveals the Truth, and revealing the Truth heals the condition.

Love to Love,


Inspired Affirmation of the Day – 01/04/09

All of my relationships; working, career, professional, friendly and intimate, express good to good, because all of my relationships are the expression of God to God.

Inspired Quote of the Day – 01/04/09

We all need each other.

–Leo Buscaglia

Inspired Prayer Treatment of the Day – 01-04-09

The Infinite Love of God is everywhere present and Divine Spirit expresses perfectly through everyone.  Since God is all, God’s Love lives in all.  It is this Love, acting through the perfect Law of Cause and Effect that creates Itself in all things, great and small.

I express and experience the Love of God in and through all of my relationships.  I know that the good that I am, I have, and I share is one with God; so, it is one with the good in everyone.  I am one with God and I am one with all of creation.  I receive Love as I give it; joyously, spontaneously and freely.  I am open and receptive to the Love of God as it flows to me through Infinite channels of expression. I give thanks, joyfully acknowledging God in everyone, Good in everyone and Love in everyone, that my life is filled with the Perfect Love of Spirit now.  I release my word and it is done. And so it is.



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