Your Limitless Good

worldinhands1One aspect of God is Its Limitless Nature.  It is Infinite in Its ability to create and in Its creative doings.  Spirit is immeasurable by the limited conscious awareness of you and me.  However, all of this creative Power is available to everyone all the time.  Our only limitations lie in our ability to grasp the idea of the totality of this Limitless Being.  All of God and all of Its Power are available to us all the time, but we can only have as much of that Power to use as we can embrace and embody.

Because the Nature of God is Limitless, and because you are an individualization of God in form, the nature of your being is limitless, although you have a limited ability to access the Power that expresses and experiences Itself through you.  Since God is Good and God is Limitless, God is Limitless Good, and because God is Limitless Good there is no limit to your good other than your limited ability to fully grasp the Infinite.

However, you have available to you all of the good you can conceive and whatever you can believe is true for you will become your experience.  This is why the statements, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” and “If the mind can conceive it and the heart can believe it then you can achieve it,” are true.  The Infinite Power of God to create must and will create through you whatever and without limit all that you can conceive and believe for your self.  That is the truth about you and your limitless good.


Inspired Affirmation of the Day – 01/09/09

There is no lack in my mind, and no limit to my good.

Inspired Quote of the Day

In the great Mind of God there is no thought of lack, and such a thought has no rightful place in your mind.

–Charles Fillmore

Inspired Prayer Treatment of the Day

The Nature and Truth of the Universe is Infinite, Eternal and Abundant Creative Energy.  No one, no thing and no thought can stop this Universal Creative Energy from creating; so, It is the One Power which cannot be stopped, opposed or denied.  This Power is Limitless Good and It is the Truth of my being.  I have access to this Power.  I am One with this Power.  I am a Divine Manifestation of this Power.  I am this Power individualized in form as me.

I decide and choose how to direct this Power for Good in my life by my conscious selection of ideas and thoughts.  I always use this Power in the most beneficial way by my choice of the positive statements of Truth that I constantly declare in my mind and with my word.  I think the Truth, I speak the Truth and I live the Truth.  I blissfully give thanks as I recognize the Truth of my being, knowing that I am well provided by the One Power acting in me, with all I need to live a happy, healthy, prosperous and contented life.  And so it is.


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