Ye Are Gods

Gender, race, color, creed, nationality, religion, class, politics, sexual persuasion, taxonomy, planet, solar system or whatever you find in the universe is still an individualized manifestation of the One. Just as every individual limb, muscle, cell, molecule and atom of your body cannot be separated and are all necessary components of your one body, all that is seen and unseen, in the known and unknown Universe is a necessary aspect of the One Body and cannot be separated. There is One; you are It just as all are It. This is why Jesus said, “ye are gods”.

Once all stop thinking along the lines of division and separation, every aspect of the one will be healed. Live as one with all, because you are. ~ Guy



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  1. hi,

    The ideas of the New Thought movement seem very similar to those developped by the Amalricians during the medieval era in France

    link for a website studying the amalrician heresy :

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