About Me

     My name is Guy Lawson and I am an avid student of New Thought.  Nothing is more gratifying to me, nor anything more fulfilling, than practicing the Presence of God, and knowing that God is all that exists everywhere.  I am a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner at the Oak Park Church of Religious Science, located in Chicago, Illinois.  I am also the secretary of the OPCRS Board of trustees.  My love of God, and of the Truth that is found in New Thought teachings, is the basis of my inspiration to write and to share with the world the ideas that have led me to a more gratifying life.  So, welcome to my weblog site, “The Inspired Penman”, and thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy your journey through the pages here.
     It is my intention that everything I write and share here, inspires, blesses and benefits the world.  So, feel free to use anything you see that I have written here in any way you like.  All I ask is that you ask my permission first if you plan to profit from the use of it.
     This site is dedicated to the evolution of Spirit through man, and to anyone wishing to evolve more fully in the understanding of their relationship to All there is.  The foundation of everything you will find here is the premise that God is All there is.  I believe in the New Thought teaching that there is One Life, that this Life is God, and this Life is my Life now.
     I believe in the Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence of God, and that everyone, everywhere is a Divine incarnation of God.  I believe that we are all here to give expression to God and live in the Joy of doing so, so that God can express, experience and enjoy Itself more fully in, through and as each and every one of us.
     I love, honor and bless each and every one that visits this site.  If you like what you see here, feel free to tell everyone you know.

Blessings of Love, Peace, Joy, Health and Abundance,

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