Effective Prayer

Everyone desires something greater, something better or something more in life. Whether it is greater health, better relationships or more wealth, there is no one without desire for a more fulfilled life in some aspect. The good news is that everyone can experience more of whatever it is anyone may feel is lacking in their life. Everyone deserves more than what they now have, and everyone can have more of what they deserve.

The question then is if you deserve more, and you can have more, why don’t you have it and how can you get it? The answer is summed up in the idea taught to man a little more than two millenniums ago; “Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

So, you see; it’s pretty simple. You can pray for anything you want. You can pray for as many things as you want. It doesn’t matter what you pray for, or how much you pray for, as long as you believe that you will receive whatever you pray for. Peace, joy, love, career fulfillment, greater relationships of any nature, greater finances, better health or anything you want, need or desire to live a happier more fulfilled life. The only thing is you must believe you receive what you pray for; then you most certainly will.

This means that if you don’t receive the things you pray for, whatever those things may be, you didn’t bring yourself to a point of belief that you will. You may say you believe, but if you don’t feel that you do, it is certain that you don’t. That is why, “As a man believeth in his heart, so is he.” What you feel is true for you is what you actually believe, and what you actually believe is what you receive.

So, why shouldn’t anyone believe in receiving their desires? Well, it’s not that anyone shouldn’t believe in having or receiving their desires, because everyone should. It’s just that believing in something you don’t see in the physical world of effects isn’t always that easy. Why? Because, it isn’t that easy for us to feel prosperous when the rent or mortgage is due and there is no money in our bank account. It isn’t easy to feel healthy while we are filled with fever or experiencing aches and pains.

But, when you can feel a sense of perfection within yourself while experiencing aches and pains, the aches and pains will disappear. When you can feel a sense of prosperity within yourself even when your bills must be paid and there is no money in the bank, your bills will be taken care of. When you can feel loved within yourself even when everyone around you seems to despise you, the honor, admiration and respect of all around you will appear. This is why the teaching to “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment” is so vital. The only reason we ever experience anything less than the perfection of the Truth of our being, is because we have learned to believe it is true for us. We are not judging with “righteous judgment”.

The Truth of your being is Perfection. It is taught, “Be ye perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect”. The Perfection of Being is Heaven, and it is within you. “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”.

So, since the way to get more of what you want, need, desire and deserve is to believe what you pray for is given to you, even before you see it, and it is difficult for you to believe in that which you don’t see in front of you, even with the teachings that have been handed down over the years, how do you bring yourself to a sense of belief in things it seems you do not have?  How do you believe in your heart that you receive what ever you pray for, judge righteous judgment instead of according to the appearance, and become perfect, even as the Perfect Spirit within you is? How do you demonstrate the invisible Truth of your being as your manifest, physical reality?

Since the answer was given so long ago, there has been plenty of time to put the ideas given to practice. There has been plenty of time not only to practice the ideas, but to create definite techniques by which they can be applied with mathematical and scientific precision. These methods and techniques can be practiced, applied and mastered by anyone willing to put in the necessary work and effort to practice, apply and master them. When you do, you will master the proven and provable techniques of employing effective prayer to attain the belief in receiving what things soever you desire, and you will receive them.

Effective prayer then, is not begging, pleading or cajoling a God which is separate from or outside of you to do something to you or for you. It is not bargaining with a God that is in the sky for favors. It is not supplicating yourself to a God that is looking down on you and rewarding you by giving you what you want, while punishing you by not doing so, or even doing some type of harm to you. It is looking within yourself to God which lives in you, seeing the Perfection of God which lives in you, (righteous judgment), and allowing the Perfection of Being which is God living in you to express perfectly as you, by your own belief of that Perfection existing and expressing as you.

It has been taught to pray without ceasing. The fact of the matter is that everyone does so. Every thought you have sets an Infinite Action of cause and effect into motion. This is why you can say of everything that you have experienced in life, “as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee”. Every thought you have defines a belief, and every belief you have sets a definite Law of Infinite Action into motion, doing “unto you” as you believe. So, whether you are consciously aware of it, or not, you are always praying for something. Because you may be praying without being conscious of what you are praying by thinking and feeling what you are believing, you will receive things you may not want.

When your thoughts and feelings indicate that you have a belief in prosperity, you will prosper. When your thoughts and feelings indicate that your belief is more in line with lack, you will always be in a state of lacking what you need. Likewise, it is for thoughts of sickness or health, joy or depression, love or hatred, or whatever the case may be, it is always done unto you as you believe.

So, the method for praying aright consists of certain, exact elements of technique. The exact elements of technique for praying aright include: paying attention to what you most consistently think and feel, and what most consistently shows up in your life as a result, then changing your habitual thought patterns until your feelings reflect the new ideas that you have used to replace former ideas and thought patterns. Recognize what you have in your life that you do not want, then decide what you want to replace the things you do not want.

After you have decided what you want, select the ideas you are going to focus on until you replace the ideas which the Law of cause and effect are currently acting upon, thereby replacing the experiences you are now having and want to change. In other words, “Change your mind, and keep it changed”. When you decide on, select and initiate a new thought about anything, and thereby change your mind by thinking the new thought until you develop a new feeling and belief about the thing you want changed, you will be praying for what you want, believing you will receive it; and you will.

And so It is.

Guy E. Lawson, R.Sc.P.