Learning to Love Yourself

What happens in your world of experience is always a reflection of your consciousness; as above so below, as within so without, you reap what you sow and Life always gives to you what you give to it.

The sum total of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs comprise your consciousness.  This includes those ideas you are aware of on the conscious level of your mental activity, and those ideas you are not aware of on the subconscious level of your mental activity.  Not being aware of what is going on in the thought atmosphere of your subconscious mind, you are quite often left feeling surprised or helpless about the life experiences you have.

Considering this it is imperative to think about how much you really love yourself, because to the degree that you really love yourself, you see that love reflected in your world of experiences.  Do you harshly judge and criticize yourself, or are you kind and loving to yourself.  For instance; do you hear yourself saying things like, “how could you be so stupid” or “you idiot, you should know better” when you make a mistake, or do you say instead, “that’s alright, something good will come from this”, “it’s not my fault, I did the best I could in the moment” or something like “okay, let’s look for the lesson in this”.

Since your subconscious is filled with every thought, idea, feeling and memory you’ve ever had, it is impossible to know everything that goes on in the subconscious activity of your mind.  But it is through the subconscious activity of your mind that your world of experiences, circumstances, events and conditions is created.  If you’ve been harshly judging yourself all of your life, what you feel and believe about yourself, and what is stored in your subconscious mind is harsh judgment, and will be reflected in your experiences.  On the other hand, if you’ve been kind and loving to yourself all of your life, what you feel and believe about yourself, and what is stored in your subconscious mind is loving kindness, and that will be reflected in your experiences.

The good news is that if you have not been so kind and loving to yourself up until now, you can now begin.  You have the ability to change the way you think about yourself, because you have dominion over what you think.  Starting now you can redirect your conscious thinking and thereby reprogram your subconscious thought activity.  You can be proactive in the way you think about yourself and you can consciously choose whatever thoughts and ideas you want to fill your subconscious mind.  If you want to have more kind and loving experiences in your life, start now by being more kind and loving to yourself.

Use more positive self speak in the midst of unfavorable situations.  The more you do, the less those situations will occur.  Be proactive in consciously redirecting and reprogramming your subconscious thinking with the use of positive affirmations, using kind and loving thoughts about yourself.  The more you do this, the more the thought atmosphere of your subconscious mental activity changes, thus more positive, kind and loving conditions will be reflected in your world of experiences.

Use affirmations such as: I love myself, I am good, I am always the best I can be, I accept myself as I am, I am a good (man, woman, person, husband, wife, mother, father, employee, boss, daughter, son, etc…), I deserve the best, I am wonderful, I am fabulous, I am smart, I am wise, I am good at what I do, I am good to me, I am beautiful, I am kind to myself and I forgive myself.  Don’t limit yourself to these suggestions; create some kind and loving self speak affirmations for yourself to use.

Think about the ideas you have read here and make the decision to be more kind and loving to you by implementing them.  Remember, you have spent a lifetime creating the thought atmosphere that makes up the subconscious of your mind; you are not going to completely change it overnight.  Devote yourself to improving your life by using positive self talk and positive affirmations for as long as it takes to see the change you want to see.  After all, who’s going to love you if you don’t? You deserve the best. And so It is. – Guy


3 Responses

  1. It is amazing that there are so many people who do not love themselves. Love God, love yourself, love others in that order. I am beautiful. I am a great mother, daughter, teacher, woman. I cannot rely on others to tell me. I have to tell myself and believe it and I do!!
    Peace and Blessings.

  2. Hi. I’ve recently found out about affirmations. It just changed my life. Great article here. Very inspiring. Guess what, I found this site http://www.createaffirmations.com and learn more about others who share same interests. Sign up – it’s free. Hope to see you there.

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